Our good friend, Darren Thompson, Is currently in Broward Hospital with a severe concussion & contusion. He has memory loss, is confused & in great pain. At the moment he 

is going through extensive medical tests to determine the cause. The only thing we know now for certain is he was going to his car after work on Saturday around 650pm, it had been raining heavily & someone alerted Edric, the owner of “Nour Thai Kitchen & Bar” that Darren was on the ground by his car & he was found to be bleeding profusely from the back of his head. Edric brought Darren out of the rain into his restaurant & cared for him while he called 911 & Christian & I to notify us of what was happening. He was taken to Broward General via ambulance  where he received approximately 8 staples to the back of his head to close the wound. That same evening, he was admitted into the hospital where he is currently undergoing additional testing. The doctors need to determine the cause, if it was as simple as a slip & fall, or something medically occurred with his heart or brain that made him fall to the ground causing the injuries. Video was captured moments after with help going his way for aid but a larger vehicle was blocking the view of him & his car & there was no one else around him. Darren will remain in the hospital for probably a few more days to say the least and will then need time to heal & recuperate from his injuries. Darren is always always there for people, going above & beyond  for his friends, family & our community. We need to be there for him now, any donation will go a long way. 


Thank you.